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she-devils of the revolution

Year of the Boob Tour!

First stop Cape Town!

Friday 28th February – Mercury Live

Saturday 01 March – Casa Nostra Bar Seapoint

More dates to follow


I know it looks like all we do is have a fantastic time, which is mostly true, but if this industry was the sea and money was water we’d be scratching at the ocean floor, digging for drops. Don’t get me wrong,  I could never quantify the immense spiritual wealth music brings me but I can definitely quantify the cold, hard cash and that quantity = none.  And I don’t use ‘none’ lightly, I mean none as in none, as in 90% of the shows we play we come back just as broke as when we started.

To tell you the truth I wish money didn’t have to be involved in any way. It always warps things, twists the way people deal with you. But this is the REAL WORLD and things like flights, petrol, accommodation, sound rigs, cigarettes, blow-up dolls etc. cost real money. 

So pay the R50 and shut the **** up.


Cortina Whiplash

And the boobs keep rolling in

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted their boob photo already, can we just say that you all have amazing breasts and great imaginations.

To those who don’t know, the brief: Express your current emotional state by way of  a boob drawing.  Examples to be found below.  Our objective is to create a montage of all the photos we gather and make a music video for our upcoming single.  There is no deep meaning behind why we’re doing this, we simply love breasts.

Send images to or


Cortina Whiplash does Reunion Island!

We’re so excited for our first ever overseas tour! Big thanks to Kil Kil from Reunion Island for making it happen.

Check out the event on Facebook

Good harmless fun with boobs people, that’s what we’re about.

This image was censored by Facebook.  I guess we never quite realized how excitable people get around female nipples.  We send each other pictures like this all the time for kicks, because hey boobs are fun and why the hell would you not want to have fun with boobs?  It’s a pity that things always have to be sexualized – these pictures do not sexually excite us, maybe they sexually excite you, maybe that’s your thing, boobs with badly drawn faces on them, maybe it’s that easy to turn you on.  Maybe you’re a product of our uber sexualized world but from where we’re standing these are just boobs, mammaries, flesh, veins, nips.  All women have them, they come in all shapes and sizes, you can use them to gauge temperature and we need 1o0 of them so that we can make a boob montage music video.  That’s all we ever wanted, a boob montage music video.



First post, first post

Hello and welcome to the beginnings of our very own Cortina Whiplash website.  A website we hope will, if anything, make you more comfortable with using the word ‘vagina’.

Besides doing that it will also inform you of our upcoming shows, exciting news, giveaways, how we’re having a better time thanyou, our imaginative business ventures, and blah blah blah.

We also want the site to be as interactive as possible, the only thing that fuels our lack of a social filter more than weed are the crazy people who engage with us on that level.